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Locate restaurants with play places for young children. A must have for that long road trip.

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As a parent, I've been there... Its nearly lunch time, the kids have been cooped up since you hit the road at 0'dark thirty in their carseats, you've put hundreds of miles behind you, and other than a quick pitstop for coffee, fuel and taking care of biological needs, you've been making great time. You know you still have hours left to travel, but you know time to eat is coming and are going to have to stop. Those little ones in the back are being good, but are starting to get a bit antsy, even with their favorite movies and toys, the lack of physical activity is starting to show. You know if they don't get some of that energy out, the rest of your travels that day aren't going to go as well.

You know you have to stop, but wouldn't it be nice to stop someplace where you know they can play and get some of that pent up energy out as well? But Where?

Sure maybe you'll get lucky and you'll find a sign alerting you that there is a restaurant with play area before those rumblings of "I'm Hungry" come from the back seat... But wouldn't it be nicer to be able to know? See what's coming up, and even call and verify that they are open? Or even be able to plan such a stop before you even hit the road? Sure that Restaurant right by the interstate is convient, but maybe the one a little further away has a play area.. I can't speak for you, but for me, driving a mile off the interstate, to let my kids get out that energy, is absolutely worth it.

What about when that "I gotta go potty!" comes from back there? How far did that sign say the next rest area was? Even if you do remember, how many miles ago did you pass that sign? Do I need to get off the interstate? Or is the next rest area just around the bend? And more importantly, does it have a bathroom?

That's exactly what this App is designed for!

Fire this App up, and see exactly what restaurants are close by that have a play structure. (McDonalds, Chick-Fil-A and Chuck-e-Cheese, or where that next rest area is!) Be the hero to those kids, and let them break up all that license plate bingo with some jumping, sliding and climbing.

  • Over 7,000 restaurant locations within the US with play structures. Including McDonald's, Chuck-E-Cheese, and Chick-Fil-A.

  • Over 2000 US Rest Areas with details are also in this app.

  • Simple, easy interface, fire it up and go. You won't have to explain to your co-pilot how to use it, if you hand the phone to them to fire it up while you are driving.

  • See whats near you (default behavior) via GPS, or search.

  • Quickly snap back to your local location on the map with a single tap.

  • Get accurate driving directions to the location you select, with a simple button click.

  • If the database has a phone number for the restaurant, you can also call the selected location with a simple button click.

  • Easily show only the chain you interested in, or show all.

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